Mountain Music

Michael Sutton

President of Mountain Music Inc, Master Craftsman

Mike is a third generation master craftsman, certified in brass, woodwind, and string instrument repair and restoration. He also oversees all phases of design, development and installation in Mountain Music's Sound and Video Division.

The Sutton family history in the Music industry dates back to 1927, when his grandfather started the family's first music store in New Rochelle, NY. Its close proximity to New York City, combined with his grandfather's reputation as a craftsman made the store a regular stop for Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and all the Big Band Musicians.

Jon Bruno

Jonathan Bruno

Piano Specialist, General Manager

Jon was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is an accomplished Pianist, Drummer, and Hand Percussionist. His interests include writing Praise and Worship music and music education. Jonathan always welcomes inquiries from those with like interest in Praise and Worship ministry.

Andrew Farmer

Andrew Farmer

Guitar, Base, Dulcimer and Piano Teacher

A graduate of Prairie Bible College. He teaches Guitar, Bass, Dulcimer, Piano, and Mandolin. In addition, Andrew has authored numerous instruction and songbooks for guitar and dulcimer.

Jim McMillan

Jim McMillan

Educational Representative

Jim is a truly versatile musician. Jim plays all fretted instruments, is fluent in all music styles and is a former all-State Tuba player. Jim also plays bass guitar in a metal band which plays frequently around the Greenville and Charleston areas.